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Who is Steve Barat?

Speaking off the record, those few brave souls who would even admit to a passing acquaintance with Steve had this to say about him, “contrarian”, “poseur”, “difficult”, “a Luddite”, “washed-up rocker”…. One critic noted, “It’s amazing to me that anyone would hire him as a sideman after some of the train wrecks I’ve seen him cause on stage.” His former therapist was heard to slur in a dingy after-hours joint, “Even on his best days, Steve has a tenuous grasp on reality.” When repeatedly pressed to provide some biographical info, this was his laconic response, “The past is a cancelled check. I’m lucky if I can remember what I had for breakfast a few hours ago. You’re only as good as your last gig, right? Well, I vaguely recall that I showed up for it (admittedly late after getting lost en route), and that no one in the audience threw anything at us during the performance. That’s a good gig, right? What more do you need to know???” These days Steve is barely able to find employment as a private investigator. He spends his time tending his herb garden, studying ancient Taoist texts, and curating his impressive collection of Spam haiku.


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Who is Vito Calamito?


Vito has been around music his whole life, going from gig to gig with his father, a professional guitarist/vocalist, during the summers since he was the tender age of three-years-old, and instantly fell in love with playing and performing. After finding a passion for percussion, Vito attended Western Connecticut State University to pursue a degree in music. There he studied both classical percussion and jazz, and received his B.A. in Music in 2009. Since then he has carved out a career surrounded by music, and enjoys life working in the school/retail music industry, as well as performing at night with many different talented artists.